Rgc teens

We are Jesus fanatics and one of the noisiest churches in Nairobi. Our vision is to raise a God-fearing generation that is able to stand strong and present the word of God in schools to the glory of God. The teens’ department is a place of interaction and spiritual formation for over 500 dynamic teenagers. The goal of the teens’ department is to see the teenagers transformed by Christ so that they can impact other teenagers. There are committed teachers and teens’ leaders serving in the department. Apart for the Sunday service for the teenagers, there are a number of programs that are geared towards helping the teens to grow holistically. The programs include: 1) Bible study- teenagers interact on the word on Sunday before their service. 2) Bridge- a four months program for High school graduates. 3) Instruments of change that happens during school holidays- one day workshops that address issues like career choice and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ). 4) Creative Levites- an acting group that addresses the issues in society through drama. 5) Talent editions- where the teenagers use their gifting and talents to minister. One of such is during the back to school services/concerts. 6) Camps- annual 5 day camps where the teenagers learn from God’s word on different topics, have fun through different activities and have a safe space to share their challenges. 7) Team destiny- teenagers are mentored and coached for missions.


Bridge is a high school leavers program that aims at empowering young adults in preparedness for college/community life, leadership and character building. The key values of Bridge are: Spiritual growth, Leadership development, Spiritual multiplication, and Character development. The program runs through four months which entails the following: Weekly class sessions, Weekly assignments, Group project, Class Outreach, Sleepovers, Mentor-mentee sit-down, Camp, and a Mission.